LokaKala Academy


Octave Festival and 'Asian Folk Art's Mahotsav 2014


This distinctive Festival gained the importance of an inimitable Mile Stone owing to its Decennial Year (10th Year) Celebration of the Unique Lokakala Academy. This Festival was successful in bringing out all the sparkling potentials of the said Academy into blooming reality!! This Festival materialised under the Joint Auspices of The Western Zone Cultural Centre (Udaypur), Lok Kala Academy, Student Welfare Dept;Music Dept and Cultural Centre (Maharashtra State) from 14th January to 19th January 2014.




Octave Festival 


This was a Spectacular Festival wherein fabulousforms of Folk Art especially pertaining to North-East India were performed. These Traditional Dances included the 'Aerap' Dance and 'Jhu Jhu Jha Jha' Dance (Arunachal Pradesh), 'Bihu' and 'Dhal Thungri' (Assam), 'Pung Dhol Cholam' and 'Thangta' (Manipur), 'Wangla' and Ka-Shaad Masti' (Meghalaya), 'Cherav', 'Solkia', 'Naga War Dance' and 'Mugyanta' (Mizoram), 'Singhi Chham and 'Tamaang Selo' (Sikkim), 'Sanghrai Mogh' and 'Hojagiri' (Tripura).




Asian Folk Art Festival 


This Festival assumed an amazing and outstanding importance since two other countries (China and Bangla Desh ) also participated in performing their individualised multicoloured Folk Art alongside with those with our vivacious Indian Folk Art! Amongst the Indian Folk Art, 'Kavvali', 'Maangniyaar Vocal Form', 'Bhavai', 'Kuchamani Khyal', 'Siddhi Dhamaal', 'Pandwani', 'Bharud', 'Powada' and 'Lavni' were performed. An integral part of the Festival was 'Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Festival' wherein the well-known Percussion Artist Toufik Querishi presented his exceptional performance - more popularly known as 'Fusion' together with Begum Parveen Sultana's unique Vocal Presentation – both leaving a lingering spell-bound effect on the audience! Moreover, Workshops based on Chinese and Bangla Desh Folk Art; 'Parikrama' (A series of Seminars at the National level and Workshops based on Shruti Sadolikar's Classical Music (Vocal) & Folk Music were also conscientiously organized.


मैलाचा दगड: उपक्रम

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