LokaKala Academy


1) On the sprightly occasion of Lok-Shahir Annabhau Sathe's Birth Anniversary, several multi-faceted Cultural Programs were organized.


         a) A series of Discussions & Seminars; 'Shahiri Fulora' Program; Special Honours conferred upon numerous Balladeer a the  hands of Deputy Chief Minister; an Informative film 'Garja Maharashtra Maajha' followed by the Release Function of  the   Book 'Garja Maharashtra Maajha' on 1st August 2009.


          b) Jinku ya Daahi Dishaa' - Theatre performance and Seminar on 'The Changing Trends in Annabhau Sathe's Literar Pattern/Style ('Parivartanvaad') on 1st August 2011.


          c) Seminars - Discussions over the varied styles of 'Shahiri' (The Text/ Prose in Poetic Form) penned by Shahir   Amarshaikh, Shahir Annabhau Sathe, Shahir Vasant Bapat and Shahir Atmaram Patil followed by Performing a  Musical Presentation of 'Shahiri' on 1st August 2012.


          d) Traditional Rural Dance & Theatre Festival' - Ranmaley (Goa), 'Dashaavtaar' (Maharashtra), 'Yakshgaan' (Karnataka), Seminar on 'Contribution of Annabhau Sathe towards Folk Theatre'. These programs enthralled everyone for 3 consecutive days - 30th & 31st July and 1st August 2012 respectively.


          e) Pratishirsh Mahotsav' 2014:- An amazing Performance of Folk Art by donning Masks (known as 'Bohada' and 'Chhaoo') followed by a series of Discussions and awe-inspiring Workshops on 3 consecutive days - 30th & 31st July and 1st August 2013 respectively.


Seminars on Subjects like 'Lok Shahir Annabhau Sathe's Poetic Verses' and 'Strong features of 'Lok Natya' - were held with an astounding response. Workshops on 'Powada' (Literary Elements), on Presentation and on Expertise in Performing were successfully conducted. This was followed by 'Aatm-gaan of Samyukta Maharashtra' on 1st August 2014.


2) The First National Conference on Folk Art with Active Participation in Academic Subjects on 24th, 25th and 26th September 2010.


3) The First National Conference on Folk Art with Active Participation in Academic Subjects on 29th April, 30th April and 1st May 2011.


4) The First National Conference on Women's Folk Art with Active Participation in Academic Subjects 9th and 10th October 2011.


5) National-level Seminars on two consecutive days at Dayanand Vidnyan Mahavidyalaya, Latur, Active Participation in Academic Subjects on 25th and 26th February 2011.


6) An Exceptional 5-day Workshop for adept Students and their Teachers on 'Personality Development' through the forthright medium of Performing Folk Art was conducted with unparalleled enthusiasm.


             a) Successfully conducted Workshops at 'National Society for Equal Opportunities for The Handicapped', India. (26th                     March to 30th March 2012).


             b) Also successfully conducted Workshops at the 'National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped'. (4th June to 8th                        June 2012).

शाहीर अमरशेख अद्यासनाचे उपक्रम

1) bmoH$emhra AÊUm^mD$ gmRo> `m§À`m O`§Vr {Z{_Îm {d{dY
gm§ñH¥${VH$ H$m`©H«$_mMo Am`moOZ 

     A) MMm©gÌ, em{har \w$bmoam H$m`©H«$_ Am{U _m.Cn_w»`_§Í`m§À`m hñVo em{ham§Mm gËH$ma "JOm© _hmamï´> _mPm' _m{hVrnQ> Am{U "JOm© _hmamï´> _mPm' `m nwñVH$mMo àH$meZ 1 Am°JñQ> 2009

     ~) "{O§Hy$ `m Xmhr {Xem' hm ZmQ>çà`moJ Am{U n[ag§dmX - "AÊUm^mD$ gmRo> `m§À`m gm{hË`mVrb n[adV©ZdmX' {X. 1 Am°JñQ> 2011

     H$) n[ag§dmX - " emhra A_aeoI, emhra AÊUm^mD$ gmRo>, emhra dg§V ~mnQ>, emhra AmË_mam_ nmQ>rb `m§Mr em{har' Am{U em{har H$m`©H«$_. 1 Am°JñQ> 2012

     S>)"J«m_moËgdmVrb Z¥Ë` ZmQ>ç na§nam' aU_mbo(Jmodm), XemdVma (_hmamï´>>), `jJmZ(H$Zm©Q>H$) Am{U n[ag§dmX {df` "AÊUm^mD$ gmRo> `m§Mo bmoH$a§^yrdarb `moJXmZ' {X. 30, 31 Owb¡ Am{U 1 Am°JñQ> 2013

     B©) à{V{ef© _hmoËgd 2014 … ~mohmS>m, N>mD$ `m _wIdQ>mYmar bmoH$H$bmàH$mam§Mo gmXarH$aU, MMm©gÌ Am{U H$m`©emim. {X.30, 31 Owb¡ 2014

n[ag§dmX … {df` "bmoH$em{ha AÊUm^mD$ gmRo>§Mr H$dZ§ Am{U bmoH$ZmQ>çmMr ~bñWmZo'
H$m`©emim … "nmodmS>m dmL²>_` àH$ma, gmXarH$aU, H$m¡eë`'
H$m`©H«$_ … " g§`wº$ _hmamï´>mMo AmË_JmZ' {X. 1 Am°JñQ> 2014

2) A{Ib ^maVr` n{hë¶m bmoH$H$bm g§obZmV {dÚm{df`H$ gH«$r` gh^mJ. {X. 24, 25 Am{U 26 gßQo>§~a 2010

3) A{Ib ^maVr` _amR>r bmoH$H$bm g_o§bZ, H$èhmS>, {dÚm{df`H$ gH«$r` gh^mJ {X. 29, 30 E{àb d 1 _o 2011

4) n{hbo A{Ib ^maVr` _{hbm bmoH$H$bm g§obZ, {dÚm{de`H$ gh^mJ. {X. 9 d 10 Am°ŠQ>mo~a 2011

5) X`mZ§X {dkmZ _hm{dÚmb` bmVya `oWrb XmoZ {Xdgr` amï´>r` ñVamdarb MMm©gÌmV {dÚm{df`H$ gH«$r` gh^mJ. {X. 25 d 26 \o$~w«dmar 2011

6) {deof {dÚmWu Am{U Ë`m§À`m {ejH$m§gmR>r à`moJmË_H$ bmoH$H$boVyZ ì`³Vr_Ëd {dH$mg `m {df`mda 5 {Xdgr` H$m`©emim.

     A) National Society for Equal Opportunities for The Handicapped, India {X. 26 _mM© Vo 30 _mM© 2012

     ~) National Institute For The Mentally Handicapped {X. 4 OyZ 2012 Vo 8 OyZ 2012