LokaKala Academy


                         Preservation and Conservation of the endangered Traditional Folk Art and Folklore (which is in danger of extinction) could be accomplished through the Three Essential Objectives which the Lok Academy has set for itself! These Objectives are Spiritual Evolution, Social Development and Entertainment for the People at large - which help in the progressive evolution of the 'soul' of Folklore.

Folk Arts like Kirtan, Bharud and Powadas (Ballads) enhance the continuous flow of Social Awareness and Intellectual Evolution. Since the basic objective of the Folk Art being Social Awareness, the students who dedicatedly pursue this Course are deeply influenced and stand to gain in the long run. Incidentally the Objective of the University is to create powerful, knowledgeable and cultured citizens. The University is floating a variety of Courses; amongst them Folk Art has successfully achieved Social Awareness through the administration of 'Lok Kala'. The task of judicious Preservation and Conservation is being actively accomplished, thanks to the concerted efforts of 'Shahir Amarshaikh Adhyasan'...!!



                           'Shahir Amarshaikh Adhyasan' celebrates the Birth Anniversary of Shahir (Balladeer) Annabhau Sathe on the 1st of August every year. Balladeer Annabhau Sathe and his contemporaries had actively participated in the 'Samyukt Mumbai-Maharashtra' movement. (Commonly known as the Ballads of Separated Maharashtra Movement). They demonstrated their strong and supportive feelings through the musical medium of 'Powadas' (Ballads). These Ballads and other Finer Works by Sathe and Shahir Amarsheikh have indeed proved to be a great source of encouragement to the students - besides serving as a promising avenue for study and analysis.

The active participation of 'Amarshaikh Adhyasan' in the Annual All India Folk Art Conference in the Research of Erudite Subjects, the afore-said 'Amarshaikh Adhyasan' has become the 'pivotal' centre of attraction for the students as well as the general populace! Moreover, Discussions/ Seminars are organized to resolve the problems and to discuss on the various subjects related to Lok Kala. This facilitates the students to get an excellent opportunity to Study and conduct Research Work regarding Folk Art and Folklore Artists under the guidance of proficient Experts in the field! Simultaneously, the advantage of gaining a crystal-clear perspective of our Traditional significance cannot be denied.

शाहीर अमरशेख अध्यासनाची ओळख

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